Profile: Jeremiah Fisher

Name: Jeremiah Fisher Fisher_Profile.JPG

Email address: 

Program: PhD 

Major Field: War & Society 

Minor Fields: Modern Britain and Ireland, Modern Europe, Atlantic World 

Major Professor: G. Kurt Piehler

Committee Members: G. Kurt Piehler, Charles Upchurch, George Williamson, Laurie Wood 

Dissertation topic: Legal and Diplomatic History of WWII Ireland (“The Emergency”) 

Bio: Jeremiah serves as the academic coordinator of the Florida State University Department of Political Science, and simultaneously is continuing his graduate studies part-time in History. Holding M.A. degrees in both international affairs and history, his research focuses on themes of nationalism, the interplay of political and social interaction in a historical context, and institutional, diplomatic, and legal development (especially in the context of Anglo-Irish relations and transatlantic networks of discourse and exchange).

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