Profile: Joshua Butler

Name: Joshua Butler

Email address:          

Program: PhD

Major Field: African American History

Minor Fields: Early America with a focus on Native American, Modern America with a focus on the New South, and Modern Europe with a focus on East Central Europe

Major Professor: Dr. Maxine Jones

Committee Members: Drs. Andrew Frank, Katherine C. Mooney, Ed Wynot, and Maxine Montgomery

Dissertation topic: Reconstruction’s Ghost: The Struggle for Equality in Southwest Georgia

Bio: I graduated with my MA from Valdosta State University in 2012 and began my work at FSU in 2013.  Since completing comps, I have been working on a dissertation that tells a more comprehensive story about the reality of making the movement on the ground, with or without the presence of national figures.  Still, I am using this area as a rich site for taking seriously the proposition that multigenerational activism and vernacular historical tradition had consequences for activists.  This is a place that has all of the stuff that historians associate with forms of resistance over a long period, so it can be used to look at how forms of oppression shifted and how local folks responded in intimate ways, rather than just sort of touching base with it, as many studies do.  I am, in doing this, actually making a case that this notion of a long civil rights movement is too restrictive—I am looking at a long and evolving process that springs from the same impulses on the sides of both oppression and resistance and only looks different as those impulses manifest themselves differently under varying historical pressures.

Grading/Teaching Experience: I have taught/graded for general education courses in history that include, Early and Modern World History/Western Civ, Early and Modern American history, Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States, and African American Experience.