Profile: Kathryn Beasley

Name: Kathryn Beasley

Email address:

Program: Ph.D

Major Field: U.S. History after 1865

Major Professor: Dr. Jennifer Koslow

Bio: My research focuses on the Progressive Era, women’s history, and social activism/social reform. I have articles published in White House History (to be published 2017) and the Journal of the NACAA, encyclopedia entries published for two separate ABC-CLIO encyclopedias, and book reviews in The Journal of Southern History and The Southern Historian. I also have upcoming reviews for The Civil War Monitor and other articles currently in peer review. I continue to present at numerous conferences, including the Southern Association for Women Historians and the Florida Conference of Historians. Before attending FSU, I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in History from Valdosta State University. A copy of my master’s thesis, “‘I Think We Have An Angel in the White House’: First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson and Her Social Activism Concerning the Washington, D.C. Slums, 1913-1914” is currently located in the White House Office of the Curator for inclusion in their files, by request of the Assistant Curator. I was also an adjunct history instructor at Valdosta State University. While at FSU, I was named the runner-up Ph.D. winner for the J. Leitch Wright, Jr. research award for 2014.