Profile: Rebecca Shriver

Name: Rebecca Shriver HGSA RSPic

Email address: 

Program: PhD 

Major Field: Modern Europe 

Minor Fields: Gender, Middle East, Modern US 

Major Professor: Nathan Stoltzfus 

Committee Members: Suzanne Sinke, Will Hanley, Charles Upchurch 

Dissertation topic: Gender and European Federalism, 1919-1939 

Bio: Shriver entered the Master’s Program at Florida State University in 2011. After her first year, the History Department Graduate Committee fast-tracked her into the PhD program, which allowed her to complete her graduate coursework and comprehensive exams by the Spring of 2014. Shriver’s areas of research include Peace Studies, Interwar Europe, Gender, and European Integration History. Her current project examines how anti-war organizations that advocated for a European federation during the 1920s and 1930s gendered their visions for continental integration. Since becoming ABD, fellowships from the Graduate School and the History Department allowed her to conduct research for this project in British, German, Dutch, and Italian archives. Additionally, in the past three years, Shriver actively participated in European research networks by presenting papers at numerous international conferences.

Grader: AMH 2020, Modern US; EUH 3293, Fascism; EUH 4465, Weimar and Nazi Germany; 3205, 19th Century Europe

Instructor of Record: EUH 3205, 19th Century Europe

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